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Supporting Students During Online Transition

Posted on the UT News site on April 1, 2020

Student using a cane walking inside a buildingMadison Allen, a second-year nuclear engineering student from Brevard, North Carolina, was looking for more than a strong academic experience when she chose to attend the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She wanted to know she’d be included and supported, just like any other student.

“I was the only student at my high school with a visual impairment, and the one teacher in our area trained to work with students like me was shared over many counties,” Allen said. “Disability services are so strong at UT. The office really is awesome.”

Allen is one of more than 1,900 students registered with UT’s Student Disability Services (SDS), which provides a wide range of services including sign language interpreters and transcribers, note takers, testing accommodations, and assistive learning devices and technology.

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