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Faculty Portal Instructions

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Faculty Portal
  2. Click on the Faculty Login icon and log in with NetID and password
  3. Read the confidentiality agreement and click at the bottom to access the Portal
  4. At the top of the page, toggle to the term you wish to view. The Portal will default to the current term.

Overview Page

*Use the Overview link in the left-side menu at any time to get back to this page.

  • For each request listed, you will have already received an email of the course access letter.
  • The bottom of the main page will list all students who have requested course access letters. Click VIEW next to any student’s name to see a copy of their approved and requested accommodations.
  • Letters will include a description of each accommodation.
  • Letters will include a link where you may voluntarily upload your syllabus. Having the syllabus is very helpful to SDS for certain accommodations, including testing, note taking, and the Limited Adjustment to Attendance Policy (LAAP).  You only need to upload one syllabus per course.
  • If the student has testing accommodations, the letters will also include a link for you to complete an Alternative Testing Agreement. This allows you to easily provide proctoring information to SDS from the beginning of the semester for quizzes, tests, and the final. Please note that this step is required for an exam to be approved and proctored by SDS.
  • You only need to complete the ATA if you have in-person quizzes, tests, or finals that the student must take in SDS.
  • You only have to complete this once for each CRN
  • You can copy the information to other CRN’s with the click of a button in the Alternative Testing area of the Faculty Portal
  • Click the “Add Instructor” link at the top of the main page to submit a request if you are co-teaching, would like your GTA to have access, or if you are no longer teaching a course and know who is. This allows you to easily request access for another instructor.

Use the links on the left-side menu to navigate various functions of the Faculty Portal.

Course Syllabus

  • Upload a syllabus here if you didn’t do so using the link in the course access letter.
  • View a syllabus if you’ve already uploaded one.
  • Delete previous uploads if posting a new version of your syllabus.
  • You only need to upload one syllabus per course.

Alternative Testing

You will see all scheduled exams at the bottom of this page.  Only students who have scheduled in the Student Portal to take an exam in the SDS Testing Center will appear here.

Alternative Testing Agreements (ATAs)

  • At the top of the page, you may submit an Alternative Testing Agreement (ATA) for any CRN if you didn’t do so using the link in the course access letter.
  • View any ATAs you have submitted, and modify as needed.
  • Copy existing ATAs to other CRNs.

For detailed instruction on how to complete your ATA, visit How to Complete the Alternative Testing Agreement

Exam upload

  • At Available Tools, you may select an action to complete, and it will be applied to any exam/student who selects below.
  • Choose “Upload files to exam(s)” to provide your exam to SDS. You may select multiple students and complete the upload one time.
  • Choose “Specify exam instructions” to provide proctoring instructions for a specific exam. This is useful if you have differing instructions from what you submitted in the Alternative Testing Agreement, or if you have instructions you do not want the student to see.  You may select multiple students and complete the upload one time.

Alternative Formats

  • Any student with an alternative format accommodation will be listed under each course.
  • Students will request their textbooks from SDS if needed, and you will see any book requests here.
  • You may contact if you utilize additional course materials that may need to be formatted for use by the student.

Note Taking Services

  • See a list of students who have requested a note taker, by course.
  • See the name and email address of the student in the course who has been hired by SDS as the note taker. The note taker should never be given the name(s) of the students receiving notes.
  • Review the notes that are uploaded by the note taker. Please notify SDS if you have any concerns about the quality of the notes.  These notes must never be shared with anyone.  They are for the sole use of Student Disability Services for the purposes of accommodation.
  • You may leave a note for SDS, including if you believe a note taker is not needed in your particular course. For example, if your course is online but you provide recordings of all lectures, a note taker is not needed.

Communication Access

  • See the students who have requested interpreting or transcribing, by course.
  • View the staff who have been assigned as interpreters or transcribers.
  • If you have students in your course who have an accommodation for accessible media, you may submit requests for captioning of videos you plan to use in class.
  • View a list of captioning requests already submitted.
  • You will be notified of completed videos via email.

Download Faculty Portal Instructions in PDF
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