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Interpreter-Transcriber Request

Requesting a Service Provider for a Course

To request interpreters-transcribers for courses, students should log into their Student Portal and request their accommodations. Students must register with Student Disability Services (SDS) in order to gain access to the Student Portal (see Registration Process). Once the request for accommodations is completed and approved, an email notification to the faculty of record will be automatically generated. SDS will initiate the process of assigning an interpreter or transcriber to classes and students can view all assignments in the Student Portal by choosing Communication Access.

Requesting a Service Provider for Course-Related Events and Other

Student Disability Services (SDS) also manages requests for interpreting or transcribing services from students for course-related events that are outside of the regular class schedule such as:

  • Course-related meetings (group meetings, one on one meetings with instructors, study group, etc.)
  • Field trips on a case-by-case basis
  • Required attendance at special events
  • Exams
  • Student organization meetings

Students Registered with SDS

Students who are registered with SDS and wish to request an interpreter or transcriber for an event outside of class must do the following:

  1. Log into the Student Portal,
  2. Click on Communication Access on the left side of the menu, and
  3. Complete the Custom Request Form.

Students Registered with SDS
Log into the Student Portal to Submit your Request

Students not Registered with SDS

Students who are not registered with SDS or are part of a student organization, please complete the Interpreter-Transcriber Request Form.

Students Not Registered with SDS
Complete the Interpreter-Transcriber Request Form

Department-Sponsored Events and Programs

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Accessibility (EOA) manages requests for other constituents including faculty, staff, graduate teaching assistants, and university guests. Individual departments or programs are responsible for covering the costs of interpreting and transcribing services for any event they will host including:

  • Non-course related events
  • Lectures
  • Professional development events
  • Non-credit courses
  • Concerts
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Recognition ceremonies

Any department or unit associated with the University may request interpreting or transcribing for a fee by completing Interpreter-Transcriber Request Form. Sponsoring entities concerned about the cost of services should contact EOA before denying any request for access. Should anyone requesting accommodations contact EOA or SDS directly, a staff member will notify the hosting department before the event.

For Department and Organization-Sponsored Events
Complete the EOA Interpreter-Transcriber Request Form