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Preparing for Your Welcome Meeting with SDS

You should be prepared to discuss your disability with the Accommodations Coordinator. The more you can tell about your disability, the better we will understand your needs. Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

    1. What is your disability? Be able to name it and describe it.
    2. How does or how will your disability impact you in the university setting? Consider the following situations:
      1. Classroom (lecture, group work, lab work, physical activity, sitting)
      2. Quizzes and exams (essay exams, multiple-choice, timed tests, online exams, in-person exams)
      3. Communication (listening, speaking, writing, using email)
      4. Course work and materials (reading, writing, listening)
      5. Campus (mobility, orientation/navigation)
      6. Housing (living arrangements, dining, activities of daily living)
    3. What accommodations have you used in the past? How have they helped you?
    4. What accommodations do you think you will need in college?
    5. Why do you need your requested accommodations as they relate to your disability?