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Testing Accommodations

General instructor, student, and SDS responsibilities for all testing accommodations are as follows:

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Upon request, meet with student to discuss the provision of exam accommodations.
  • If providing accommodations directly, please ensure that all testing accommodations listed on the letter and desired to be utilized by the student, are being provided.
  • If unable to provide testing accommodations, ask student to schedule exam via the Student Portal with the Student Disability Services Testing Center.
  • Once an exam is scheduled, the instructor will receive a notification via email 6 and 2 days before the exam. Log into the Faculty Portal via the SDS website or click on the link embedded on the exam notification email to review the request.
  • Review exam date and time and provide information about items allowed during the exam.
  • Provide a copy the exam two business days prior to the exam date.
  • In some cases, student may need to take exam at a different time than the class due to class schedule conflict and their extended time. In this case, student must first discuss alternative time with faculty.  Students must be permitted to use their accommodations without missing other classes.

Student Responsibilities

  • Request Faculty Accommodation Letters at the beginning of the semester.
  • Talk to instructors at least 7 days before the first quiz or exam to inquire about where they would like exams and quizzes to be taken.
  • As needed, submit a request to take an exam or quiz at the SDS Testing Center via the Student Portal at least 7 days in advance for regular exams and quizzes and two weeks before study day for finals. Video tutorials are available for review.
  • For exams less than 7 days away, complete a Late Exam Request Form, and be prepared to take the exam in class unless notified via email by SDS.
  • If the exam will be taken in the SDS Testing Center, schedule it at the same time as the class via the SDS Student Portal.
  • If an alternative time is needed, discuss with and receive approval from your instructor prior to prior to scheduling your exam.
  • Notify the instructor and SDS Testing Coordinator if there are any changes to, or cancellations of, exams scheduled in the SDS Testing Center.
  • Arrive on time to the testing location on the scheduled date and time.

SDS Responsibilities

  • Engage each individual student in an interactive conversation to review disability documentation and discuss needed accommodations.
  • Determine reasonable accommodations necessary to provide the student with equal access to his or her courses.
  • Instruct each student on SDS procedures for utilizing accommodations, including the student’s responsibilities.
  • Work collaboratively with instructors and students to effectively proctor exams scheduled to take place in the SDS Testing Center, upholding UT standards of academic integrity as well as the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Guidelines and Standards.
  • Consider Late Exam Requests on a case by case basis.