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Pause Time during Exam when Symptoms Occur

The student has permission to take breaks if the symptoms of the disability requires it.  Exam time is paused to allow for this accommodation.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Upon request, instructors may provide Pause Time on exams and quizzes within the department. If unable to do so, instructors may direct students to schedule exams or quizzes with the SDS Testing Center.
  • Once an exam or quiz is scheduled in the SDS Testing Center, the instructor will receive email notifications 6 and 2 days before the exam or quiz. Instructors may log into the Faculty Portal, via the SDS website, or click on the link embedded on the exam notification email to review the request.
  • Items to review include:
    • Date and time of exam
    • Length of exam provided to class
    • Testing aids allowed (crib sheet, calculator, etc.)
    • Exam delivery and return method
    • Upload a copy of exam
  • In some cases, students may need to take exams or quizzes at a different time than the class, because their Pause Time conflicts with other classes on their schedules. In this case, the student should discuss an alternative time with the instructor prior to scheduling.

Student Responsibilities

  • Talk to instructors at least at the start of the semester or more than a week before the first quiz or exam to inquire about where exams and quizzes will be taken.
  • As needed, submit a request to take an exam or quiz at the SDS Testing Center via the Student Portal at least 7 days in advance for regular exams and quizzes and two weeks before study day for finals. For exams less than 7 days away, complete a Late Exam Request Form, and be prepared to take the exam in class unless notified via email by SDS.
  • Indicate during the exam request process the desire to use this accommodation.

SDS Responsibilities

  • Notify faculty of exam accommodation request.
  • Allow student to take reasonable and supervised breaks.
  • Add time back to the end time upon the student’s return.
  • Collect all materials prior to exiting Testing Room.