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Note Taker Documentation

Thank you for your interest in taking notes for Student Disability Services.  Below is information on the paperwork needed to hire you as a notetaker. Please carefully read the following information regarding the position as well as the Note Taker Agreement.  If you are no longer interested in the position after reading the job description and requirements, please notify immediately! 

Employment Requirements:

The following information will need to be submitted to our office within 3 days of receiving the information via email:

  1. Application Microsoft Excel Logo
  2. Note Taker Agreement pdf logo
  3. Confidentiality Agreement for SDS Employment pdf logo
  4. Form I-9  pdf logo. Form I-9 Instructions pdf logo

    Note: the system may ask you to download a newer version on Adobe Reader in order to view the Form I-9. However, once you download a copy of the form, you should be able to open it without downloading a newer version of Adobe Reader.

  5. You will also need to bring your passport. If you do not have a passport, you will need to bring your driver’s license or UT ID AND social security card or birth certificate. This documentation is required to complete your I-9 form. Once you begin completing paperwork, please do not date the I-9 form( document #4) until you are in Student Disability Services handing in the paperwork.
  6. Direct deposit of your payment is available to you.  If you want this option, you will need to bring a canceled check, deposit ticket, or your banking account information including the routing and account numbers.

Please Note:  If you are an F-1 Immigrant, (not a U.S. Citizen), you must also bring in the following:

  1. Unexpired Passport from home country for I-9
  2. Visa from the USA
  3. I-94 stamped by USA showing F-1 status and date entered country
  4. I-20 from UT with a work permission stamp from CIE (Center for International Education) office on page 2.

Bring all items listed above to Student Disability Services, 100 Dunford Hall, between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm M-F.  When submitting your paperwork, please be sure to allow yourself 5-10 minutes to complete additional forms in the application packet that could not be emailed, review all forms to ensure they are completed correctly and to ask any questions that you may have at that time.

Updated: 08.10.2020