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Reduced Course Load

Eligible students with disabilities may seek a reduced course load each semester to accommodate disability needs. In order to establish eligibility for a reduced course load, students must provide documentation of disability to Student Disability Services (SDS) as outlined in the Documentation Guidelines. .

Students are encouraged to review the University’s course load policy to understand all the requirements before applying. The policy can be found in the university’s catalog page under Academic Policies and Procedures. A reduced course load accommodation should be requested before the start of the semester. The course load will only apply for one semester if approved. However, students may re-apply each semester to maintain this status.

The aforementioned guidelines are provided so that Student Disability Services can respond appropriately to your individual request. Student Disability Services reserves the right to determine eligibility for a reduced course load based on the submitted documentation. Please contact SDS should you have any questions or need assistance with the application process or to request the Reduced Course Load Application.