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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Note Taker for Student Disability Services (SDS). Information about the role of a Note Taker, Job description, Job requirements are listed below.

Note taker accommodations are provided by utilizing students currently enrolled in the course. Individuals who supply a copy of their notes are paid an hourly wage for their efforts.

Note-Taker Job Description

The purpose of note-taking is to succinctly record the main points of what is presented in a classroom, highlighting important key topics or themes that are emphasized by the instructor, defining new vocabulary, and organizing the material in a style that will best present the content of each class.

Note takers are recruited in classes in which a student who qualifies for the accommodation is enrolled.  SDS does hire note-takers who may not be enrolled in the class requiring notes. If there is a student who is in need of notes for a class, the instructor will make an announcement or post the announcement on Canvas. Any individual who is willing to accept the responsibility of being a note-taker should visit the SDS webpage, and complete the sign up via the Note Taker Portal. The Note Taker Coordinator will match the schedule of the applicant with the SDS students who need notes and will contact the applicant to let them know which class(es) they have been matched with if selected for a Note Taker assignment. To be considered for a note-taking position with SDS you must do the following:

  • Within 3 days of accepting the job of a note-taker, you will need to complete an employment application, (if you are the selected individual, the link to the application will be sent to you), Note-Taker Agreement form, and an I-9.

Job Requirements

Complete Employment Application, Note Taker Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement and provide required proof of identification (including 1 – an original passport or 2 – driver’s license and social security card or 3 – driver’s license and birth certificate – originals only, please. We cannot accept copies of these documents.

  • Attend class regularly
  • Take clear, complete, and organized notes
  • Use a blue or black ink pen or typed notes
  • Upload notes to SDS Student Portal within 24 hours of class meeting


  • $9.25 for all notes taken during a class meeting

Note takers are paid up to 3 times per semester depending on the date of hire.

Note-Taker Responsibilities

Attend each class. If you cannot attend a class, it is your responsibility to obtain the missed notes and upload them to the SDS Student Portal within 24 hours of the class (intersession and summer notes must be submitted within 5 hours after each class).

  • Make sure that notes are legible and comprehensive.
  • Maintain Confidentiality. Note-takers should never disclose that they are a note-taker for a specific student through SDS.
  • Note-takers agree not to share a copy of their notes publicly.
  • Communicate immediately with Student Disability Services if a problem arises.

 Format of Notes

  • Record Course Name and Number and Date of the Class. The date should appear on every page of notes.
  • Write neatly or type your notes (either during the class or later from handwritten notes).
  • Use dark ink or a computer and write on only one side of each page of notes. Do not use a pencil.
  •  If you use shorthand of any type, please make sure all abbreviations have been properly identified.
  • Leave plenty of space on the pages, allowing the student to add their own comments.
  • Write down all related information from the class (including any changes to assignment due dates or class times).
  • If there are no notes for a particular class meeting, write the following: “No notes for the class meeting on 00/00/0000.” If known please write the reason no class notes were given, e.g., worked on class project.

Understand that sending the PowerPoint the professor posted on Canvas with no supplemental information does not constitute note-taking and you will not receive payment for that day. However, if the Professor used the PowerPoint as an aid and additional notes are taken in the notes section, that will constitute note-taking and you will receive payment.  Please know that the Note Taker Coordinator does verify the note files sent.


Updated: 8.22.2023