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Large Print – Font:

The student requires any class handouts to be enlarged to the specified font size.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • When preparing printed materials for students, including copies of PowerPoint slides, create and provide a copy in the indicated enlarged font
  • Whenever possible, produce large print format at your academic department.
  • If the department cannot provide large print materials, please contact SDS for assistance at least one week in advance of the due date
  • For exam materials, submit a copy in text format or Word document at least 48 hours prior to exam date
  • Make sure all formulas, graphs, charts, data labels, illustrations, etc. are clear when enlarged.
  • Items to review include:
    • Date and time of exam
    • Length of exam provided to class (the system will automatically calculate the extended time based on the student’s accommodation)
    • Testing aids allowed (crib sheet, calculator, etc.)
    • Exam delivery and return method
    • Upload a copy of exam

Student Responsibilities

  • Work with faculty regarding large font needs.
  • Talk to instructors at least 7 days before the first quiz or exam to inquire about where they would like exams and quizzes to be taken.
  • As needed, submit a request to take an exam or quiz at the SDS Testing Center via the Student Portal at least 7 days in advance for regular exams and quizzes and two weeks before study day for finals. For exams less than 7 days away, complete a Late Exam Request Form, and be prepared to take the exam in class unless notified via email by SDS.
  • Indicate during the exam request process the desire to use this accommodation.

SDS Responsibilities

  • Assist instructors with creating materials, as requested.
  • Notify Faculty of Exam accommodation request