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Dining Accommodations

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Students with dietary restrictions due to the impact of a disability may request a meal plan modification as necessary.  Vol Dining offers several options to meet a vast array of needs.

Students are encouraged to discuss dietary needs with the Vol Dining staff dietitian to explore available options and strategies to dine safely on campus. Students with dietary restrictions due to the impact of a disability may contact Student Disability Services (SDS) to request adjustments or modifications to a meal plan if it is determined that dietary needs cannot be met. Requests are reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis in collaboration with Vol Dining. Students seeking services must follow the procedure as established below:

Step 1: Meet with Vol Dining Dietitian

  • Contact Vol Dining to schedule a meeting with Taylor Koenigs, registered dietitian nutritionist. Prior to the meeting, review the available dining options on the Vol Dining Nutrition website.
  • The Vol dining staff will discuss available dining options in consideration of your allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • If the student or Vol Dining determines the dining options not viable, and require a meal plan modification, proceed to step 2 as outlined below.

Step 2: Procedure for Requesting Meal Plan Modifications

  1.  Complete the Dining Accommodation Request Form below.
  2. Submit the completed Dining Accommodation Documentation Form. In lieu of completing the aforementioned form, the healthcare provider may submit a letter to SDS. The documentation should include:
    • a diagnosis and date of initial diagnosis,
    • the functional limitations associated with the diagnoses,
    • the severity of symptoms, and
    • the recommended accommodations
  3. Students who have not met with the Vol Dining dietitian will be asked to do so as part of the meal plan modification process.
  4. SDS will work collaboratively with the student and Vol Dining to evaluate the request.
  5. SDS will notify the student via email once a decision is made.
  6. If a student is not in agreement with the outcome of their request, they may follow the SDS Grievance procedure.


Dining Accommodation Request Form


Updated: 1/22/2022