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Sign Language Interpreter

A Sign Language Interpreter provides access to the classroom by interpreting all spoken communication and environmental information into sign language and what is signed into spoken English.

SDS provides and schedules interpreters for:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Meetings with instructors about coursework

For non-academic events sponsored by the university, please contact the hosting department, office, or group to request interpreting services.  The event host can contact the Office of Equity and Diversity for assistance in scheduling an interpreter for the event.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Allow the Interpreter to sit in an area where the student can maintain sight lines of both the Interpreter and any visual aids you may be using, such as a whiteboard.
  • Speak clearly and repeat student questions or comments that may otherwise be difficult for the Interpreter to hear.
  • When addressing a student who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, make eye contact with the student and speak directly to him/her as you would any other student.
  • Provide the Interpreter with access to the Learning Management System (Canvas).
  • Provide all needed course information and materials in advance.

Student Responsibilities

  • Request Faculty Accommodations Letters at least one month prior to start of the semester.
  • Identify yourself to the Interpreter on the first day of class or in any new situation.
  • Sit in a place that provides the best distance, lighting, background, and angle for seeing the Interpreter.
  • Direct all questions related to the class materials to the professor and not the Interpreter.
  • Conduct personal conversations with the Interpreter either before or after class.
  • Inform the Interpreter of planned absences, class cancellations, if a video is scheduled to be shown in class, or if you will be making a presentation.
  • Collaborate with the Interpreter on signs and interpreting process.
  • Complete Student Interpreter/Transcriber Request Form for any academic meetings outside of the regular classroom meetings.

SDS Responsibilities

  • Notify Instructor of interpreting staff in classroom.
  • Provide Instructor information regarding the interpreting request process.
  • Provide qualified Interpreters for all class meetings.
  • Provide qualified Interpreters, when requested, for other class related events such as field trips and visits to the instructor during office hours.
  • Work with the student and instructor to provide the best situation for provision of services in the classroom.