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Note Taker

A common practice in college and university courses is for instructors to deliver content verbally through a lecture format. This accommodation allows a student to request a peer note taker, in order to have full access to complete lecture notes for study outside of the classroom.  Although handwritten notes are typically provided, typed notes may be required for students who utilize assistive reading technology.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • If requested, assist SDS in a timely manner with recruiting peer note takers. This typically includes making an announcement in class, or sending an email to the class, informing students that SDS is seeking to hire a note taker for the course. The announcement will be sent to you via email.
  • If you feel a Note Taker is not needed because of the nature of the course, please contact SDS via email at

Student Responsibilities

  • Request your Faculty Accommodation Letters.
  • Request a Note Taker for your courses via the Student Portal.
  • Access notes online after each class meeting.
  • Notify SDS if a note taker is no longer needed via the Student Portal.
  • Notify SDS if you encounter any issues with the notes.

SDS Responsibilities

  • Recruit, hire, train and assign a Note Taker to requests.
  • Process payment for Note Takers.
  • Address issues and concerns related to Note Taking