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Electronic Device for Note Taking Purposes

Students who qualify for this accommodation may use an electronic device such as a livescribe (Smartpen), which is a writing pen that has a built in digital audio recorder.  Students take their written notes on paper or a tablet specially designed to sync the notes with the digital recording that occurred as the notes were being written.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Allow student to audio-record the class.
  • Contact SDS if there are any concerns that recording could fundamentally alter the nature of the course.

Student Responsibilities

  • Agree to the terms of use of an electronic device, which includes a requirement not to share recordings with others.
  • Students may use their own electronic device. They may also check out a Smartpen out from SDS.
  • Bring the smart pen to all class meetings in good working order.
  • Inform SDS immediately if the pen is not working properly and or if it is broken or misplaced.
  • Return SDS smart pens to the SDS office at the end of the semester.

SDS Responsibilities

  • Provide a smart pen to students upon request.
  • Assist instructor with any questions or concerns.