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The student requires materials in Braille format, a form of written language, in which characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips. Student Disability Services utilizes a Duxbury Translation software along with a Brailler Embosser to produce braille materials.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Upon request, provide reading materials, syllabus, etc. to Student Disability Services at least two weeks prior to due date.
  • Materials should be provided in text format or as Word documents.
  • For exams, submit a copy to SDS at least 48 hours prior to exam date.

Student Responsibilities

  • Complete the request for Materials in Alternate Format prior to the start of the semester. Submit required materials, such as receipts
  • If a Braille copy is required during exams or quizzes, submit a request to take the exam or quiz at the SDS Testing Center via the Student Portal at least 7 days in advance for regular exams and quizzes and two weeks before study day for finals. For exams and quizzes less than 7 days away, the student must complete a Late Exam Request Form, and be prepared to take the exam or quiz in class unless notified via email by SDS.
  • Indicate during the exam/quiz request process the desire to use this accommodation.

SDS Responsibilities

  • Work with instructor and student to provide requested instructional materials and textbooks in Braille.
  • Notify faculty of exam accommodation request.
  • Convert exams and quizzes into braille.