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A Weekend with Bill Ross

Friday, June 9 – Saturday, June 10, 2017
915 Volunteer Blvd/100 Dunford Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996

Friday, June 9th

Registration  –  5PM – 6PM

Session: “Ethics – Where Should I Stand?”  6PM – 9PM (.3 CEU’s)

Do you ever feel like making an ethical decision is a little bit like walking through a minefield? We often wonder if we have a responsibility to “let-go” of our personal beliefs when we work as an interpreter. This workshop will help us identify the criteria that determine whether a genuine conflict exists. Each participant will consider ways to guide their individual decision-making process. It is important to recognize that our personal beliefs and values do make a difference when we encounter ethical dilemmas. Yet, many of us have been left wondering if our decision was right or wrong; good or bad. We will recognize what it means to hold a sacred trust and as professionals how we maintain that trust. Finally, we will examine ethical scenarios, have open discussions and determine how prevent ethical explosions from rocking our world!

Saturday, June 10th

Registration  8:30AM – 9AM

Session: “Am I Seeing it Right but Saying it Wrong?”– Part 1  

9AM – 12PM (.3CEU’s)

The language differences in American Sign Language and spoken English require that interpreters employ various expansion and compression techniques to achieve message equivalency.  Expansion techniques are used in order to make implicit information in the source language more explicit in the target language.  If interpreters are unfamiliar with expansion techniques, the resulting work will demonstrate unnatural phrasing, incorrect grammatical structures, and errors in production.  The goal of this workshop is to expose interpreters to various expansion techniques and apply, through practice 3-4, specified techniques found in American Sign Language.


 Lunch (on your own)  12PM – 1:30PM


Session: “Am I Seeing it Right but Saying it Wrong?” – Part 2

1:30 PM – 5:30PM (.4 CEUs)

A continuation of the morning workshop with the goal of this workshop to expose interpreters to various expansion techniques and apply those techniques found in American Sign Language.

Meet Our Fantastic Presenter

Bill RossWilliam F Ross III, a child of Deaf parents, has been interpreting for more than 30
years and holds dual certification (CI/CT) from the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf.  He has a Master of Science Degree in Special Education from Missouri State University.  Currently, Bill is an Associate Professor in the Caristrom Interpreter Training Program at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Mr. Ross was previously employed as the Director of the Communication Access Support Services Department at North Carolina School for the Deaf (NCSD); where he established the NCSD Mentorship Project and Distance Learning Initiatives Mentoring Program to provide ongoing support to educational and freelance interpreters.  He is passionate about building mentoring relationships, studying ASL and accompanying interpreters on the journey of interpreting.  Formerly, Bill held the member-at-large board position with Minnesota Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf and was the fund raising chair.

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